ANF Assistant Sub-Inspector Past Paper 2022

Here you will find ANF Assistant Sub-Inspector Past Paper 2022. Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) paper was held on September 16, 2022. This is a paper of ANF Assistant Sub-Inspector held in 2022 with a complete solution.

ANF Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Paper of 2022

There are different portions made in the ANF Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) paper of 2022 which are given below:

English Questions

The following questions were asked in the English portion of ANF Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) paper 2022:


1. Let us not wallow in the valley of despair.

Ans: Delight

2. You have been staggered by the Police brutally.

Ans: Cruelty

3. The crooked places would be made straight.

Ans: Curved

4. The Young man was in a very precarious state.

Ans: Dangerous

5. The young man was delighted to watch the spectacle.

Ans: Sight

6. The pavement is thronged with pedestrians.

Ans: Footpath

Choose the Correct sentence

The correct sentences are given below:

7. I dare not stop him

8. Ali said that the Earth revolved around the sun.

9. He was as rich as he is today.

10. I help you and you will succeed.

11. He received the letter yesterday.

Fill in the blanks with the appropriate option.

12. They ___ exercise daily.

Ans: Take

13. The patient ___ before the doctor came.

Ans: Had died

14. Would that I ___ a King.

Ans: Were

15. Sohail bade her ___ the room.

Ans: To enter

16. Time once gone cannot be ___.

Ans: Recalled

Similar Meaning

17. It seemed somehow to be a sort of slight.

Ans: Easy

18. When I go into the bank, I get rattled.

Ans: Confused

19. My voice was sepulchral,

Ans: Sorrowful

Islamic Studies Questions

The following questions were asked in the Islamic Studies portion of ANF Sub-Inspector paper 2022:

20. The literal meaning of “Aqad” is?

Ans: to tie

21. The staunch and fixed beliefs of human beings are known as?

Ans: Aqaid

22. Beliefs rule people?

Ans: Heart and Brain

23. The example of Aqeeda is given as:

Ans: Seed

24. Self-respect for humankind is granted by:

Ans: Tauheed

25. The person of which faith is not narrow-minded?

Ans: Tauheed

26. The teaching of the Quran is?

Ans: Comprehensive

27. In which Hijri year was fasting made obligatory?

Ans: 2 Hijri

28. Prophet (PBUH) regarded Ramadan as the month of?

Ans: Empathy

29. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) offered Salah Tarawih in the mosque for?

Ans: Three Days

30. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) regarded the daughter as the house’s beauty and for house dwellers as the source of?

Ans: Blessings

31. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) used to pay the debts of his indebt companions.

Ans: From his own

32. Who did jihad against false prophets?

Ans: Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)

33. Jamee Ul Quran is the title of?

Ans: Hazrat Usman Ghani (R.A)

34. Punctuation marks were introduced in the Holy Quran by:

Ans: Hajjaj bin Yousaf

35. Hazrat Abu Bakar Siddique (R.A) gave the responsibility of compilation of Holy Quran to:

Ans: Hazrat Zaid bin Thabit (R.A)

36. Asul Al Arbais the collection of:

Ans: Fiqah Jafaria

37. The name of the Author of Al Kafi is:

Ans: Abu Jaffar Muhammad bin Yaqub Kulyani

38. The year of death of Tahzeeb ul Ahkam’s writer is?

Ans: 460 A.H

39. Sahifa Abu Huraira is completely available in:

Ans: Masnad Ahmad

Pak Studies Questions

The following questions were asked in the Pak Studies portion of ANF Sub-Inspector paper 2022:

40. The book, “Pakistan N Guzeer Tha” was written by?

Ans: Syed Hassan Riaz

41. Which organ of the United Nations passed a resolution to hold a plebiscite in the State of Jammu and Kashmir in 1948?

Ans: Security Council

42. The security council passed its first resolution on Kashmir on?

Ans: January 17, 1948

43. What Distance between the state of Junagarh from Karachi?

Ans: 511 km

44. First Prime Minister of Pakistan?

Ans: Liaqat Ali Khan

45. The Constitution of 1956 was implemented on:

Ans: 23 March 1956

46. 1st Marital Law imposed by Gen. Ayub Khan in:

Ans: 1958

47. What Number of Houses of Majlis-e-Shura?

Ans: Two

48. Tenure of members of the senate is?

Ans: 6 years

49. Gulab Singh purchased Kashmir from the British for Just?

Ans: 75 Lakh

50. A person will be called The Occupied Territory on his domicile. If he has resided in Jammu and Kashmir for___?

Ans: 15 years

51. What is the percentage of water in the winter season for the Rabi crop which Pakistan will be deprived of by the Baglihar Dam?

Ans: 26%

General Knowledge Questions

The following questions were asked in the General Knowledge portion of ANF Sub-Inspector paper 2022:

52. Allama Mohammad Iqbal delivered his famous Allahabad Address in:

Ans: 1930

53. Shimla Delegation met with viceroy Lord Minto in:

Ans: 1906

54. The First President of the Muslim League was:

Ans: Sir Agha Khan

55. In How many provinces did congress form its government in 1937?

Ans: Seven (7)

56. Simla conference was held in:

Ans: 1945

57. What was the proportional share of Pakistan in the assets?

Ans: 750 million

58. How many Ordinance Factories were working in the United sub-continent till 1947?

Ans: 16

59. In which year the Kashmiris started their struggle for Independence against Dogra Rule before the partition of the sub-continent?

Ans: July 1931

60. The famous musical note “Mian ki Malhaar” was created by?

Ans: Tan Sen (Supposedly)

61. Which Muslim Ruler claimed that he could tell the name of the artist after seeing his painting?

Ans: Jahangir

62. What was the bounty on Osama’s capture?

Ans: $25 million

63. What is the range of the Agni-II missile of India?

Ans: 2000 km

Geography Questions

The following questions were asked in the Geography portion of ANF Sub-Inspector paper 2022:

64. Through which pass does, Karakoram Highway connects Pakistan with China?

Ans: Khunjrab Pass

65. Which plain area is located in the South of Salt Range and east of Suleiman Mountains?

Ans: Upper Indus Plain (Punjab)

66. Wake island is under the control of?

Ans: USA

67. Pakistan is situated between longitudes of?

And: 60o and 75o east

68. Which mineral is found at Saindak (Balochistan)?

Ans: Copper

69. The place in Pakistan which has an absolute minimum temperature of -16o C is?

Ans: Skardu

70. Give the year in which the mountain peak Nanga Parbat was conquered?

Ans: 1953

71. Identify the largest mountain range in the world?

Ans: Andes

72. Which of the following is the second largest desert in the world?

Ans: Arabian

73. Gilgit Baltistan borders the Ughar autonomous region of?

Ans: Xinjiang

74. The dam was inaugurated in October 2020 by Sindh Government in Nagarparkar the District Tharparkar is ___.

Ans: Kalidas Dam

75. “Rachna Doab” is located between two rivers which are:

Ans: Ravi and Chenab

76. Pakistan pleads that the Thalweg Doctrine is only applicable to?

Ans: Navigable rivers

77. Which is the largest lake in the world?

Ans: Caspian Sea

Everyday Science Questions

The following questions were asked in the Everyday Science portion of ANF Sub-Inspector paper 2022:

78. When gas turns into a liquid, the process is called:

Ans: Condensation

79. Yeast used in the making of bread is a:

Ans: Fungus

Job-Related Questions

The following questions were asked in the Job-Related portion of ANF Sub-Inspector paper 2022:

80. Anti Narcotics Force was raised in?

Ans: 1995

81. What is the rank of DG ANF?

Ans: Major General

82. International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking is being observed on?

Ans: 26 June

83. Headquarters of ANF Regional Directorate Sindh is located at:

Ans: Karachi

84. Name of the Federal Minister of Narcotics Control is:

Ans: Mr. Shahzain Bugti

85. UNODC means:

Ans: United Nations Office on Drug and Crimes

86. What is Drug?

Ans: Substance that affects body functions, Substance that affects Physiology functions (Both A & B)

87. In the light of AMLA 2010, investigation officer (IO) means?

Ans: Officer Monimated or Appointed under section 24 AMLA-2010

88. Immediate Outcomes (IO-7) of FATF deals with?

Ans: Money Laundering Investigation and Prosecution

89. The Total number of sections of the ANF Force Act are:

Ans: 17

90. Constitution of 1973 consists of:

Ans: 280 articles

91. What does Cr.PC stands for?

Ans: Criminal Procedure Code

92. Anti Narcotics Force is a?

Ans: Federal Government Agency

93. DLO stands for?

Ans: Drugs Liaison Officer

94. The head of the Supreme Court is called?

Ans: Chief Justice

95. The Supreme Court of Pakistan is located in?

Ans: Islamabad

96. Section 52, of the Control of the Narcotics Substance Act, 1997 bounds to register addicts?

And: Provincial Government

97. Section of the Control of Narcotics Substances Act deals with the jurisdiction of the Special Court.

Ans: 45

98. Section 44, of the control of Narcotics Substances Act 1997 deals with the management of:

Ans: Assets frozen or forfeited

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