ANF Constable Past Paper 2022

Here you will find ANF Constable Past Paper 2022. Anti Narcotics Force (ANF) Constable paper was held on September 15, 2022. This is a paper of ANF Constable held in 2022 with a complete solution.

ANF Constable Paper of 2022

There are different portions made in the ANF constable paper of 2022 which are given below:

English Questions

The following questions were asked in the English portion of ANF paper 2022:

1. Waleed is a real Couch Potato. What does the metaphor couch potato mean?

Ans: Waleed is Lazy

2. The word “leaves” is a/an?

Ans: plural noun

3. Maria fell over the Cat.

Ans: Prepositional phrase

4. The sentence “but all of that is not its core”, means?

Ans: All of that is not its reality

5. The synonym of love is ___?

Ans: Beautiful

6. I am afraid I cannot afford to spend too much money. The underlined part of the sentence is a/an.

Ans: Infinitive

7. The man has been sent with other convicts to Australia. The underlined word means.

Ans: Prisoner

8. In fact it consumes more fresh water than any human activity.

Ans: Agriculture production

9. If he ___ more carefully he would not cause an accident.

Ans: Drove

10. “The man complaint that there was no bread”. The underlined part of the sentence is a/an.

Ans: Independent Clause

11. I agree ___ you in this matter.

Ans: With

12. She was angry ___ my behavior.

Ans: At

13. They were angry ___ me.

Ans: with

14. He will ___ before the judge.

Ans: before

15. He is afraid ___ moving about in dark.

Ans: of

16. India is hostile ___ her neighbors.

Ans: to

17. He ___ from East Indies and was ___ in the Thames.

Ans: Came, drowned

18. In other words man ___ hard for life.

Ans: had been struggling

19. She ___ clothes for two hours.

Ans: will have been washing

20. If I had not caught him, he ___?

Ans: would have been drowned

Islamic Study Questions

The following questions were asked in the Islamic Study portion of the ANF paper of 2022:

21. First of all Holy Quran was collected by?

Ans: Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)

22. Collection of Holy Quran was completed in how many terms?

Ans: 3 terms

23. Allah will love you due to?

Ans: Obedience of Holy Prophet (PBUH)

24. Who sent copies of the Holy Quran to provincial governments?

Ans: Hazrat Usman (R.A)

25. Last Holy Book of Allah is?

Ans: Holy Quran

26. Who is responsible for the protection of the Holy Quran?

Ans: Allah

27. In which battle ransom of a prisoner is to teach 10 Muslim children?

Ans: Battle of Badar

28. Zakat cannot be given to:

Ans: Parents, Offsprings, Syed Family (Cannot be given to All of these)

29. Who did Jehad against those who denied paying Zakat?

Ans: Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A)

30. Zakat is defined on how many sheep and goats.

Ans: 40 Sheep & goats

31. How many times Zakat is mentioned along with Salat in the Holy Quran?

Ans: 82 times

32. Allah promised the Muslims that:

Ans: He will cast terror into the hearts of Infidels

33. What is the literal meaning of Betray?

Ans: Deceive, cheating, dishonesty (All of these)

34. Which is included in Fraiz-e-Wuzu?

Ans: to wash the mouth, wipe the head with a wet hand, wash the feet (All of these)

35. Ghaseel-ul-Malaika is the title of:

Ans: Hazrat Hanzala (R.A)

36. Which Prophet is most mentioned in the Holy Quran?

Ans: Hazrat Musa (A.S) (135 times)

37. Battle of Yama is fought against?

Ans: Muslima Kazab

38. Koofa was built on the orders of?

Ans: Hazrat Omar (R.A)

Tripoli was conquered in the reign of?

Ans: Hazrat Omar (R.A) 643 A.D

39. The fourth pillar of Islam is?

Ans: Zakat

Pakistan Study Questions

The following questions were asked in the Pakistan Study portion of the ANF paper of 2022:

40. Bhutto Declared a new labor policy on?

Ans: February 10, 1972

41. In which century did Pakistan come into being?

Ans: 20th Century

42. A seat of ___ was created to bring the owner and labor closer together in factories.

Ans: Coordinator

43. Total members of the National Assembly are:

Ans: 342 members

44. Head of the State according to the 1973 constitution is:

Ans: President of Pakistan

45. International Islamic University Islamabad started working on?

Ans: 1981

46. The largest organization of the United Nations (UN) is?

Ans: General Assembly

47. Who compiled the first Urdu Deewan?

Ans: Sultan Muhammad Qutub Shah

48. What does UNO stand for?

Ans: United Nations Organization

49. When was the fight for freedom fought in the Sub-continent?

Ans: 1857

50. When was the Lucknow pact made between Muslim League and Congress?

Ans: 1916

51. In the Southern range of Pakistan, there is a mountain range called?

Ans: Koh-e-Kirther

52. Who was the Head of the Boundary Commission between India & Pakistan?

Ans: Sir Radcliff

53. Indus Water Treaty was negotiated by?

Ans: World Bank

54. The growth of an economy from a backward to an advanced economy is known as:

Ans: Economic Development

55. Indus Water Treaty was made in the year?

Ans: 1960

56. The second constitution of Pakistan was enforced on?

Ans: 8th June 1962

57. The British government announced the termination of its control over India and Pakistan states on?

Ans: 3rd June 1947

58. The Constitution of 1956 remained implemented for?

Ans: 2 years and 7 months

59. how many words are in our national anthem?

Ans: 49

60. Which is the second biggest Dam in Pakistan?

Ans: Mangla Dam

61. Which country won the fifth Cricket World Cup hosted by Australia and New Zealand?

Ans: Pakistan

62. Which city is called the heart of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa?

Ans: Peshawar

63. Mir Moazzam Minar is located in which city?

Ans: Sukkur

64. The Supreme Court of Pakistan is located in which city of Pakistan?

Ans: Islamabad

65. Which district of Balochistan contains a huge deposit of Copper?

Ans: Chaghi (Reko Diq)

66. The length of Karakoram High in Pakistan is?

Ans: 1300 KM

67. Pakistan National Fruit of Summar season is?

Ans: Mango

68. What does CPEC stand for?

Ans: China Pakistan Economic Corridor

General Knowledge Questions

The following questions were asked in the General Knowledge portion of the ANF paper of 2022:

69. What is the name of the US parliament?

Ans: Congress (Congress = Senate + House of representative)

70. The first woman Prime Minister of Bangladesh is?

Ans: Begum Khalida Zia

71. 1st May is observed all over the world as Labour Day in honor of working people of?

Ans: Chicago

72. Which of the following fort was built by Mughal Emperor Zaheer Ud Din Babar in the 16th Century A.D?

Ans: Bala Hisar Fort, Peshawar

73. Who is considered the first poet of the Punjabi Language?

Ans: Baba Farid Ganj Shakar

74. UN headquarter is located in?

Ans: New York (USA)

75. Which country is called the land of the rising sun?

And: Japan

76. Which natural thing can survive for centuries?

Ans: Honey

77. Badshahi Mosque in Lahore was built by?

Ans: Aurangzeb Alamgir

Computer Questions

The following questions were asked in the Computer portion of the ANF paper of 2022:

78. ___ key is used to change the lowercase letter to uppercase.

Ans: Caps Lock

79. The CPU stands for?

Ans: Central Processing Unit

Job-Related Questions

The following questions were asked in the Job-Related portion of the ANF paper of 2022:

80. An official appointed in Federal Government shall remain on probation for a period for?

Ans: one year

81. SPP stands for?

Ans: Special Public Prosecutor

82. Drug addiction is caused by ___ factors?

Ans: Environmental

83. Section 66 of CNS Act deals with?

Ans: Extradition

84. ANF regional directorate North is located at:

Ans: Rawalpindi

85. Drug affects your ___.

Ans: Lungs, Heart, Brain (All of these)

86. ANF stands for?

Ans: Anti Narcotics Force

87. Motto of ANF is:

Ans: Drug-Free Society

88. ANF helpline is:

Ans: 1415

89. Rank of Force Commander of a regional directorate is:

Ans: Brigadier

90. Ministry of Narcotics Control was established in:

Ans: August 2017

91. FIR stands for:

Ans: First Information Report

92. CNSA stands for:

Ans: Control of Narcotics Substances Act

93. Prohibition of Acquisition and possession of assets derived from Narcotics offices, elaborated in section ___ of CNSA 1997?

Ans: section 12

94. Which of the following contraband items does not come under the jurisdiction of ANF?

Ans: Alcohol

95. Section 52, of the Control of Narcotics Substances Act 1997 bounds ___ to register addicts?

Ans: Provincial Government

96. Section ___ of the Control of Narcotics Substances Act deals with the jurisdiction of the Special Court.

Ans: Section 45

97. Regional Directorate North ANF looks after:

Ans: Northern Areas of Pakistan, Only Rawalpindi Division, Only Kashmir, (All of these)

98. According To CNSA 1997, one can be arrested on suspicion of drug selling?

Ans: True

99. ANF is an official department of which Country?

Ans: Pakistan

100. ANF is a Federal department of Provincial?

Ans: Federal

This is the solution to the paper of Constable in ANF held on September 15, 2022.

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