Inspector (FIA) Past Paper 2022

Here you will find Inspector (FIA) Past paper 2022. FIA Inspector paper was held on 26 July 2022 by FPSC all over Pakistan. The questions asked in the FIA Inspector paper are given here. With the help of these questions, you can prepare well for the next FIA Inspector paper.

So find below the paper of FIA Inspector paper of 2022.

Inspector FIA Paper of 2022

They are asked from different categories in the paper of FIA Inspector:


The following questions are asked from the English category:

1. If I _____ her name, I would tell you.

A. Knew
B. Know
C. Had known
D. None of these

2.  ______ children who suffer in broken marriages.

A. Its
B. It’s
C. It was
D. None of these

3. ____ does she look today?

A. How
B. What
C. Who
D. None of these

4. Can you think of someone who might bear a _____ against you?

A. Grudge
B. Malice
C. Malevolence
D. None of these

5. A person who asserts his opinion arrogantly without sufficient evidence is called a:

A. Radical
B. Fanatic
C. Dogmatic
D. None of these

6. The fight started when one of the drivers made a rude ______ at someone.

A. Posture XXX
B. Stance
C. Gesture
D. None of these

7. If you had asked me, I _____ told you.

A. Had
B. Would have
C. Will have
D. None of these

8.  She realized that she _______ turned the lights off.

A. Haven’t
B. Hadn’t
C. Didn’t
D. None of these

9. One who is unable to pay his debts is called:

A. Bankrupt
B. Insolvent
C. Liquidator
D. None of these

10. She lost her home and all her money but she never lost her ______.

A. Pride
B. Dignity
C. Modesty
D. None of these

11. A certain _____ of stress is unavoidable in daily life.

A. Degree
B. Level
C. Amount
D. None of these

12. We do not allow people ____ in the kitchen.

A. Smoke
B. Smoking
C. To smoke
D. None of these

13. Most people care ______ other people’s opinions.

A. About
B. For
C. To
D. None of these

14. My new home isn’t ______ finished.

A. All together
B. All by together
C. Altogether
D. None of these

15. Should doctors tell patients that they have a _____ illness?

A. Terminal XXX
B. Fatal
C. Contagious
D. None of these

Islamic Studies

The following questions are asked from the Islamic Studies category:

16. Ada bin Hatam Thai embraced Islam in:

A. 3 Hijri
B. 6 Hijri
C. 9 Hijri
D. None of these

17. Had-e-Qazf (False Accusation) is:

A. 70 lashes
B. 80 lashes
C. 90 lashes
D. None of these

Everyday Science

The following questions are asked from the everyday Science category:

18. The ability of the eye to see in the dark is due to the production of a purple pigment known as:

A. Carotene
B. Rhodopsin
C. Retinene
D. None of these

19. Sunlight is made of how many colors?

A. 5 Colours
B. 6 Colours
C. 7 Colours
D. None of These

20. “mpg” is the extension of:

A. Audio
B. Video
C. Flash
D. None of these

21. Shimmer, sparkle text, blinking background, etc. are known as:

A. Word Art
B. Text Effect
C. Font Styles
D. None of these

22. Air bubble in water shines because of the phenomenon of:

A. Dispersion
B. Refraction
C. Total internal reflection
D. None of these

23. Ice floats on water because the density of ice is less than that of water. Out of the following parts of giant icebergs remains above water.

A. 1/10
B. ¼
C. ¾
D. None of these

24. Which one of the following colors has the longest wavelength:

A. Green
B. Yellow
C. Red
D. None of these

25. Which one of the following can be used to focus sunlight:

A. Plane mirror
B. Concave lens
C. Concave mirror
D. Convex mirror

26. In a refrigerator, cooling is produced by:

A. The ice which deposits on the freezer
B. The evaporation of a volatile liquid
C. The sudden expansion of a compressed gas
D. None of the above

27. A person climbing a hill leans forward in order to:

A. Avoid slippage
B. Increase speed
C. Increase stability
D. None of these

28. Radio waves are:

A. Sound waves
B. Electromagnetic waves
C. Heat waves
D. None of these

29. Electromagnetic waves travel with:

A. Speed of light
B. Speed of wind
C. Speed of earth
D. None of these

30. Copper wires are generally used for electrical power transmission instead of iron wires because:

A. Copper is a better conductor than iron
B. Copper is cheaper than iron
C. Copper is lighter than iron
D. None of these

31. Ball bearings are used to reduce friction by:

A. Applying lubricant in the balls used
B. Reducing the area of contact with the use of metallic balls
C. Increasing the area of contact with the use of metallic balls
D. None of these

32. Speed of sound is maximum through which of the following:

A. Air
B. Glass
C. Water
D. None of these

33. Light emitting diodes are made from specific compounds of:

A. Gallium
B. Hydrogen
C. Copper
D. None of these

34. The defect of eye hypermetropia is corrected using:

A. Convex lens
B. Concave lens
C. Spherical lens
D. None of these

35. A wave in which the particles of the medium vibrate back and forth in the same direction in which the wave is moving is called:

A. Longitudinal waves
B. Electromagnetic waves
C. Transverse waves
D. None of these

36. The unit of frequency is:

A. Metre
B. Meter per second
C. Hertz
D. None of these

37. Energy is carried by:

A. Transverse progressive wave
B. Longitudinal progressive wave
C. Stationary wave
D. None of these

38. Which pure substance will not conduct electricity:

A. Molten NaCl
B. Molten KOH
C. Liquified HCl
D. None of these

39. Which of the following does not depend on the magnetic effect of current for its working:

A. Electric fan
B. Telephone receiver
C. Carbon microphone
D. None of these

40. Earth’s magnetic field always has a horizontal component except at:

A. the Equator
B. Magnetic pole
C. At 60-degree latitude
D. None of these

Pakistan Studies

The following questions are asked from the Pakistan Studies category:

41. Deltas plain of Pakistan starts from:

A. Thatta
B. Zhob
C. Bahawalpur
D. None of these

42. The seats of the national assembly are divided among provinces on the basis of:

A. Resources
B. Development
C. Population
D. None of these

43. The tenure of a member of the Senate of Pakistan is:

A. 3
B. 4
C. 6
D. None of these

44. Who was the last Hindu? ruler of the subcontinent?

A. Raja Jaypal
B. Raja Dahir
C. Raja Prithvi Raj
D. None of these

45. Who is called Shakespeare of Urdu literature?

A. Agha Hashar Kashmiri
B. Deputy Nazir Ahmad
C. Hafeez Jalanhdri
D. None of these

46. Udas Naslain is written by:

A. Syed Amir Ali
B. Josh Maleeh
C. Abdullah Hussain
D. None of these

47. The Center for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) a UK-based think tank said in its annual World Economic league table 2020 that the Chinese economy will overtake the US by the year:

A. 2024
B. 2026
C. 2028
D. None of these

48. On 16 January 2021, the UN announced to resume Intergovernmental negotiations these are aimed at:

A. Impose an arms embargo
B. Reforming UN Security Council
C. Reforming UN trusteeship council
D. None of these

49. World Malala Day is celebrated every year on:

A. 12th July
B. 12th June
C. 12th May
D. None of these

50. Which activity has been declared as a mental disorder:

A. Oversleeping
B. Excessive use of mobile
C. Impaired control over gaming on mobile
D. None of these

51. G7 summit 2022 will be held in:

B. Germany
C. England
D. None of these

52. The 2022 Women’s Hockey Asia Cup was held in which country:

A. Oman
B. Japan
C. China
D. None of these

53. Syed Ali Gilani died at the age of:

A. 92
B. 93
C. 94
D. None of these

54. Pakistani filmmaker Samar Minallah has won the best short film award for her film:

A. I have a dream
B. Dar pa Dar where the heart lives
C. Out-swing
D. None of these

55. In which year did Abdus Salam receive the Nobel Prize in Physics?

A. 1980
B. 1979
C. 1985
D. None of these

56. Which of the following countries hosted the OIC-led International meeting on Afghanistan in December 2021?

A. Iran
B. Bangladesh
C. Pakistan
D. None of these

57. In October 2021, inflation surged to ______ percent?

A. 9.2%
B. 10%
C. 10.5%
D. None of these

58. On 31 October 2021, China’s Beijing was again ranked _____ in the world’s poor air quality.

A. First
B. Second
C. Third
D. None of these 

59. Pakistan will produce a joint television series with Turkey on the life of:

A. Muhammad bin Qasim
B. Tipu Sultan
C. Salahuddin Ayubi
D. None of these

60. Who is the current Chief Justice of Pakistan:

A. Umar Ata Bandial
B. Qazi Faez Isa
C. Maqbool Baqir
D. None of these

61. Pakistan’s first Transgender Protection center was opened in the city of:

A. Lahore
B. Islamabad
C. Multan
D. None of these

62. Where was Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan’s funeral offered:

A. Faisal Mosque
B. Jamia Karachi
C. Badshashi Mosque
D. None of these

63. Which of the following countries send humanitarian aid to Afghanistan in December 2021?

A. China
B. Saudi Arabia
D. None of these

64. Which of the following countries’ embroidery was added to UNESCO cultural heritage list?

A. Iran
B. Pakistan
C. Palestine
D. None of these

65. Which liberation war victory was celebrated by Bangladesh over Pakistan in December 2021?

A. 45
B. 47
C. 49
D. None of these (50) 

66. Who has been named “Athlete of the year” for 2021 by Time magazine?

A. Simone Biles
B. Natalia Liukin
C. Aly Raimuo
D. None of these

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