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In Pak Study Online Quiz 5, you will know about the Independence, Boundary Commission, Interim government of India, Wavel Plan and the related incidents of Pakistan Freedom Movement from 1957 to 1947. The following 27 Pak Study MCQs are very important to read. These Pak Study MCQ Quiz will enhance your knowledge about various famous incidents of Partition time in the sub-continent. By attempting this Pak study Online Quiz will give you an understanding of the major and famous from 1945 to 1947.

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#1. “Crisp Mission” came in the year?

#2. Who came to resolve constitutional problem of sub-continent in 1942?

#3. Why Muslim League opposed the “Crisp Mission” Plan?

#4. “Wavel Plan” was opposed by?

#5. “Wavel Plan” was presented in the year?

#6. “Simla Conference” was held on?

#7. When Muslim League joined the Interim government?

#8. What was the role of Liaquat Ali Khan when Muslim League joined the Interim government?

#9. In Elections of 1945-46 how many seats the Bengal Muslim League won?

#10. How many members were nominated by Muslim League for the Interim Government?

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