Physics MCQ Atomic and Nuclear Questions and Answers

Physics MCQ Atomic and Nuclear Questions and Answers

Physics MCQs, atomic and nuclear physics quiz answers, test prep 6 to study high school physics for online certificate courses. Practice “atom and atomic nucleus”, for distance learning classes. Multiple Choice Questions and Answers (MCQs). Learn nuclear physics, nuclear transmutations, half life measurement, fission reaction test prep for online degree programs.Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) on atomic and nuclear physics with choices atomic number (z), neutron number (n), atomic mass number (a), and electron number (e) for distance learning classes.

1. Particles of Alpha (α) are helium (He) nucleus with a charge of
(A) e
(B) 3e
(C) 2e
(D) α
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2. Process of two light nuclei combine to form a heavier nucleus?
(A) nuclear fusion
(B) Nuclear fission
(C) nuclear power
(D) nuclear transmutation
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3. If a C-14 has a half-life of 5730 years, then how long will it take for the number of C-14 in a sample to drop to 1/8 of initial quantity?
(A) 2.58 × 104 years
(B) 1.72 × 104 years
(C) 1.44 × 104 years
(D) 2.58 × 104 years
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4. Elements which emit natural radioactivity are known as

(A) radioactive elements
(B) nuclear elements
(C) radio elements
(D) active elements
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5. 1 Bq is equal to In SI base units,
(A) 0.01 disintegration per second
(B) 10 disintegration per second
(C) 1 disintegration per second
(D) 1.5 disintegration per second
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6. A helium nucleus comprising of two protons and two neutrons with a charge of 2e is
(A) beta particle
(B) alpha particle
(C) negative particle
(D) gamma particle
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7. Radiations present in atmosphere due to different radioactive substances are called
(A) environmental radiations
(B) positive radiations
(C) background radiations
(D) cosmic radiations
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8. radiation of Gamma (γ) are fast moving
(A) electrons
(B) protons
(C) neutrons
(D) photons
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9. what is the range of alpha particles in air?
(A) several thousand meters
(B) few centimeters
(C) several hundred meters
(D) several meters
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10. Isotopes have different number of
(A) neutrons
(B) electron
(C) shells
(D) positrons
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11. In nucleus, number of protons inside represents
(A) atomic mass
(B) atomic count
(C) atomic number
(D) radioactivity level
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12. The phenomenon by which radiations split matter into negative and positive ions is called
(A) radiation
(B) transmutation
(C) ionization
(D) radioactivity
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13. Beta particles are stream of high energy
(A) protons
(B) electrons
(C) photons
(D) positrons
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14. atomic number 1 to 82 of Nuclei are
(A) moderately stable
(B) unstable
(C) stable
(D) radioactive
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15. During natural radioactivity, unstable nucleus disintegrates to become more
(A) unstable
(B) stable
(C) excited
(D) unexcited
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17. Nuclei with atomic number 1 to 82 are most of the
(A) unstable nuclei
(B) stable nuclei
(C) negative nuclei
(D) positive nuclei
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19. The fast-moving light photons are
(A) alpha radiation
(B) beta radiations
(C) no radiations
(D) gamma radiation
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20. In nucleus the number of protons and neutrons is
(A) atomic mass number (A)
(B) neutron number (N)
(C) atomic number (Z)
(D) electron number (E)
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