CSS Public Administration MCQs Quiz 10

In this article, you will find CSS Public Administration MCQs Quiz 10. In this quiz 10 of CSS Public Administration MCQs, you’ll find information about Communication, safety and security needs in an organization. The people working in an organization.

These CSS Public Administration Quiz 10 will tell you about the Communication and its core concepts famous in the field of Public Administration word wide.

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Let’s have a look at the CSS Public Administration MCQs Quiz 10 about Communication:

#1. “Status and Kinship in the higher Civil service 1964” is authored by?

#2. in order to motivate employees at the lower level of organization we have to satisfy their?

#3. In France, administrative accountability is maintained through?

#4. In order to maintain discipline in organization we must adhere to the principle of?

#5. The term “Bureaucracy” refers to?

#6. Personal Management deals with which of the following?

#7. O & M is a part of the philosophy of?

#8. Communication is the most vital and fundamental element in?

#9. Within organization, ___ is the foundation of control and coordination?

#10. Direction on how to do a specific task is called?

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