The Total Length of Pak-India Border is___?

A. 1,912 km
B. 2,192 km
C. 2,612 km
D. 3,323 km

The total length of the Pak-India borderline is 3,323 km. The borderline between India and Pakistan is an international border from the Line of Control (LOC) to the Zero Point between the Sindh Province of Pakistan and Gujrat of India. It is also called the Radcliffe line which was drawn right after the independence of Pakistan and India in 1947. The total border length between India and Pakistan is as follows:

Jammu and Kashmir: 1,222 Km
Punjab: 425 Km
Gujarat: 506 Km
Rajasthan: 1,170 Km

These are the states in which Pakistan and India join the borderline.

Working Boundary, Line of Control, and International Boundary Between India and Pakistan

Working boundary: The borderline between the Pakistani province Punjab as well as at City Sialkot along with Kashmir is called the Working Boundry. The reason to call it a working boundary is, that Sialkot is internationally recognized while on the other side of Sialkot, on the Indian side, is a disputed territory.

Line of Control (LOC): The line of control (in Azad Jammu & Kashmir) is a boundary between the Pakistani Azad Kashmir and Indian Jammu and Kashmir. It was demarcated in 1972 after the Indo-Pak war of 1971 during the Simla pact by the Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto (President of Pakistan) and Indra Gandhi (Prime Minister of India).

International boundary: The boundary between India and Pakistan recognized internationally is demarcated by Sir Cyril Radcliffe in the year 1947 during the Independence of both the countries.

In many papers the option of 3,323 km is not given by the examiner. In that scanrio must tick the option with 2,192 km.

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You can visit the source link to read more about the Indo-Pak boundary line here.

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