Which Organization is Considered the First Muslim Political Body Continued to Represent the Muslims of the Subcontinent as a whole?

A. Anjuman-e-Mussalmanan-e-Hind
B. Central National Mohammadan Association
C. Urdu Defence Association
D. Muslim League

The Organization considered the first Muslim political body continued to represent the Muslim of subcontinent as a whole was “central National Mohammadan Association”.

The manifestation of Central National Mohammadan Association was that the Muslims should be on good terms with the British to avail the benefits granted by them as they were feeble in their economy, education and every other domain of life.

The Central National Mohammadan Association also emphasized on modernization of the Muslims of India instead being stuck to rigid norms. Syed Ameer Ali was also among the most influencers who emphasize the modernization of Muslims through modern education at that time which is considered a sin.

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