CSS Public Administration MCQs (Leadership)

In this article, you will find CSS Public Administration MCQs (Leadership). The importance of the subject of Public Administration in CSS is increasing so much in recent years. So this subject is gaining popularity among the students. Especially those students who are appearing in the next coming CSS examinations. Here you will find CSS Public Administration MCQs about leadership in Public Administration. Which will be helpful for you to prepare well for your examination.

The CSS Public Administration MCQs mainly consist of the basic and advance concept of Leadership in Public Administration. TheseCSS Public Administration MCQs will clear your concept about the role of a Leader and Leadership in administration.

Let’s have a look at the CSS Public Administration MCQs about Leadership:

#1. ___is the part of management which deals with the direct supervision of subordinates

#2. ___is the set of interpersonal behavior designed to influence employee to cooperate in the achievement of objectives.

#3. The form that assumes authority when it enters into process is?

#4. The leaders who make most decisions themselves instead of allowing their followers to make them are called?

#5. The leaders who ensure quick decisions and bring discipline are called?

#6. The leaders who involve their followers and allow them to participate in decision making process are called?

#7. The leaders who give full freedom to individuals and group activity are called?

#8. The leader who focus on the ‘work’ and production aspect for getting the job done are called?

#9. The leaders who emphasize on planning, scheduling and processing the work and close control of quality are called?

#10. The leaders who ignore the other aspects except the production are called?

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