CSS Public Administration MCQs Quiz 11

In this article, you will find CSS Public Administration MCQs Quiz 11. In this quiz 11 of CSS Public Administration MCQs, you’ll find information about Communication channel, feedback and organizational goals in an organization.

These CSS Public Administration Quiz 11 will tell you about the Communication channel, in an organization. The positive and negative feedback and organizational goals in the field of Public Administration.

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Let’s have a look at the CSS Public Administration MCQs Quiz 11 about Communication:
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#1. Information about how one task relates to other tasks in the organization is called?

#2. Messages indicating the rules of the game in the organization are called?

#3. Messages telling individuals about their performance are called?

#4. Messages about over all organizational goals and the relationship of the individual goals to organizational goals are called?

#5. The communication channels open for various elements to work together to solve problems and relate information of common interest and concern are called?

#6. Communication is the exchange of information and transmission of meaning and that is very essence of an organization is defined by?

#7. Communication means “Shared understanding of shared purpose” is defined by?

#8. The communication takes place between personnel according to established lines of authority or on the basis of established procedural relationship is called?

#9. To provide information to subordinates, interprets policies and programs, rules and regulations is called?

#10. To Allow various departments to coordinate their activities is called?

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