CSS Public Administration MCQs Quiz 14

In this article, you will find CSS Public Administration MCQs Quiz 14. In this quiz 14 of CSS Public Administration MCQs, you’ll find information about the approaches and authors who stress upon the study of Public Administration.

These MCQs related to CSS Public Administration will tell you briefly about some famous approaches and authors.

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Let’s have a look at the MCQs of CSS Public Administration.
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#1. Each structure performs a specialized function in a?

#2. A single structure which performs all functions is called?

#3. The administrative structure intermingles with social, economic, political and cultural structures, is called?

#4. The society which combines the features of both traditional and modern societies, is called?

#5. The case study approach was developed as reaction to the?

#6. Twenty case histories entitled public administration and policy administration, edited by Harold Stein, was published in?

#7. Dynamics of Public Bureaucracy: An introduction to Public Management is written by?

#8. The case method is going to be a permanent feature of the study and teaching of Public Administration is said by?

#9. First of All ___ Stressed the need for the competitive study of Public Administration?

#10. Woodrow Wilson stressed the need for comparative study of Public Administration in year?

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