MCQs of Political System of Germany

Here you’ll find the MCQs of the Political System of Germany. If you are a student of political science then the study of the political system of the developed nations like the UK, France, USA, China, and Germany is a must-read. In these MCQs, we are discussing the political system of Germany in detail. Find below the MCQs related to the political system of Germany.

Question & Answers about Political System of Germany

The following are important questions about the political system of Germany.

1. The current Constitution of Germany was enforced in the year?
A. 1949
B. 1871
C. 1957
D. 1871
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2. Who is the current President of Germany?
A. F.W Steinmeier
B. Angela Merkel
C. Willy Brandt
D. None of these
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3. In Germany who is the head of Government?
A. President
B. Chancellor
C. Prime Minster
D. Chief Councilor
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4. German Federal Parliament is called
A. Diet
B. Bundestag
C. Storting
D. National Assembly
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5. The upper house in the German political system is
A. National Assembly
B. Bundestag
C. Congress
D. None of these
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