MCQs of the Political System of France

Here you’ll find the MCQs of the Political System of France. If you are a student of political science then the study of the political system of the developed nations like the UK, France, USA, China, and Germany is a must-read. In these MCQs, we are discussing the whole political system of France in detail. Find below the MCQs related to the political system of France.

Question & Answer about Political System of France

The following are important questions about the political system of France.

1. What was the Duration of the second republic of France?
A. 1756-1760
B. 1749-1808
C. 1848-1852
D. 1866-1880
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2. The current constitution of France can only be changed with the support of ___ strength of congress?
A. one-third
B. three-fifth
C. three-four
D. none of these
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3. The most powerful position in France is
A. President
B. Prime Minster
C. Chancellor
D. Speaker
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4. Which country has the oldest presidency in Europe?
A. Italy
B. Belgium
C. France
D. Sweden
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5. In the Presidential election of France required percentage of votes for the win is?
A. 70%
B. 60%
C. 40%
D. 50%
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6. The total size of the ministerial team in France is typical?
A. 20-30
B. 30-40
C. 50-60
D. 40-50
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7. Total number of seats in the French National Assembly is?
A. 550
B. 577
C. 470
D. 477
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8. Total number of seats in the French Senate is?
A. 320
B. 348
C. 528
D. 408
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9. The highest appellate court in France is?
A. Supreme Court
B. Cour de Supreme
C. Cout de Cassation
D. none of these
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10. Which one in the current republic of France?
A. First
B. Third
C. Fourth
D. Fifth
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