Pak Study MCQs – War of Independence 1857 Test 1

Pak Study MCQs – War of Independence 1857 Test 1. The following are the MCQs related to the War of Independence 1857. This is the first MCQ Test of Pak Study MCQs related to the War of Independence 1857. these are MCQs are War of Independence 1857. If you find any mistake in the right option of any MCQ then kindly inform us by commenting below.

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#1. What was the cause of War of Independence 1857?

#2. The War of Independence 1857 was started on?

#3. Scientific Society Translated the modern work from?

#4. The Hindi Urdu controversy started in which year in Banaras?

#5. When Sir Syed Ahmad Khan went to England?

#6. In which year MAO high school was established in Aligarh?

#7. Who founded Muhammadan Educational Conference in 1886?

#8. Who started Scientific Society on July 9, 1864?

#9. In Which year MAO school upgraded to the status of a college?

#10. MAO College was Inaugurated By Lord?

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