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In Pak Study Online Quiz 4, you will know about the various Acts that were passed at that time. The following are the MCQs related to Viceroy, the Lahore Resolution, prominent political leaders and much more to study. In this Pak Study Online Quiz 4, you will also learn how the Pakistan resolution was presented and who was the leaders that support the Pakistan resolution from all over the country. By attempt, this Pak study Online Quiz will give you an understanding of the major and famous events.

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#1. “Pirpur Report” was published in the year?

#2. Muslims Celebrated the “Day of Deliverance” on?

#3. “Lahore Resolution” is also known as?

#4. Pakistan Resolution was presented on?

#5. Who presented Lahore Resolution on 23rd March 1940?

#6. Who translated “Pakistan Resolution” into Urdu?

#7. Qazi Muhammad Isa supported Lahore Resolution from which province?

#8. Who was the Sindhi Leader who supported Pakistan Resolution from Sindh Province?

#9. Who supported Pakistan resolution from province of Punjab?

#10. Who supported “Pakistan Resolution” from Uttar Pradesh (UP)?

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