Political Science MCQs with Answer for CSS/PMS (Edmund Burke)

Edmund Burke (1729-1797) was a famous English political thinker. He had a great contribution to the field of Political Science. Here we have arranged the Political Science MCQs with Answer for CSS/PMS about Edmund Burke. These political Science MCQs are very important if you are preparing for a competitive examination like FPSC, PPSC, NTS, and various other examinations. We have also given the Answers to these Political Science MCQs about Edmund Burke. If you found any mistake in these MCQs then kindly mention in the comment with the right answer. Let’s have a look at the Political Science MCQs about Edmund Burke.

Political Science MCQs with Answer for CSS/PMS (Edmund Burke)

The following are the most important MCQs of Political Science about Edmund Burke.

1. Edmund Burke (1729-1797) was the first and most important exponent against the French Revolution. He is considered the leader of
A. Dictatorship
B. Monarchy
C. Clergy
D. Conservatism
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2. Who was the first European theorist who utterly rejected the French Revolution in a book published in 1790?
A. Rousseau
B. Edmund Burke
C. Clergy
D. Conservatism
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3. Edmund Burke was a
A. Practicing Politician
B. Social Analyst
C. Political Philosopher
D. Sociologist
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4. Burke emphasized that certain rights enjoyed by whites, and denied to African Americans, ought to be maintained. Those right were?
A. Fundamental
B. Natural
C. Equal
D. Prescriptive
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5. It is the task of statesmanship to maintain prejudice where it is rational, argues
A. John Locke
B. Edmund Burke
C. Filmer
D. Rousseau
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6. Burke’s conservatism was consciously developed in opposition to
A. Revolutionary liberalism
B. Neoliberalism
C. Democratic Freedom
D. Pseudo Liberalism
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7. Who was the proponent of the theory of virtual representation?
A. Rousseau
B. Thomas Hobbes
C. Edmund Burke
D. None of these
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8. Burke as a political thinker resembles which philosopher
A. Locke
B. Cicero
C. Aristotle
D. Thomas Aquinas
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9. Who was the philosopher who is considered to be responsible for changing the philosopher underpinning of liberalism?
A. De Maître
B. David Hume
C. St. Augustine
D. Cicero
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