Political Science MCQs with Answer for CSS/PMS (Machiavelli)

Machiavelli was a famous political thinker. He had a great contribution to the field of Political Science. Here we have arranged the Political Science MCQs with Answer for CSS/PMS about Niccolo Machiavelli. These political Science MCQs are very important if you are preparing for a competitive examination. We have also given the Answers to these Political Science MCQs about Machiavelli. If you found any mistake in these MCQs then kindly mention in the comment with the right answer. Let’s have a look at the Political Science MCQs about Machiavelli.

Political Science MCQs with Answer for CSS/PMS (Machiavelli)

Following are the most important MCQs:

1. Machiavelli wrote in 1513 his famous political work, titled
A. Platonic Elitism
B. The Prince
C. Leviathan
D. Liberty
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2. What was the most essential part of human behavior that Machiavelli considered to understand politics?
A. Empirical theory
B. Empirical reality
C. Empirical thinking
D. Empirical reasoning
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3. The end of the medieval period was the beginning of the age of?
A. Discovery
B. Renaissance
C. Modernism
D. Antiquity
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4. Machiavelli political inquiry was but the reflection of intellectual changes associated with the
A. Renaissance
B. Enlightenment
C. Postmodernism
D. Modernism
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5. Machiavelli political inquiry was but the reflection of intellectual changes associated with the
A. Renaissance
B. Enlightenment
C. Postmodernism
D. Modernism
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6. The system of political organization that dominated Europe from about the ninth century A.D. up to the Renaissance was
A. Classicism
B. Feudalism
C. Aristocracy
D. Monopoly of Church
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7. What type of Polity emerged from the Wreckage of feudalism?
A. Monarchy
B. Nation-State
C. Democracy
D. Principality
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8. The initial stages of the formation of the nation-state system had been called the age of?
A. Absolute Monarchy
B. Relative Monarchy
C. Medieval Monarchy
D. Moderate Monarchy
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9. No thinker was able to go out of the feudal framework but
A. Marsilius of Padua
B. John Lock
C. Machiavelli
D. Thomas Hobbes
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10. Machiavelli was born in Florence, Italy in the year
A. 1459
B. 1469
C. 1479
D. 1489
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11. Machiavelli wrote a book that reflects his political theory was
A. The Communist Manifesto
B. The Republic
C. The Prince
D. None of the above
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12. “The Discourses” by Machiavelli expresses his real political ideal and calls for the creation of a form of government that is
A. Authoritarian
B. Democratic
C. Participative
D. Elitist
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13. Machiavelli is considered the first modern thinker of political philosophy because of his focus on
A. Democracy
B. Republicanism
C. Power
D. Communitarians
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14. What is the essence of politics according to Machiavelli and other thinkers of his times?
A. People
B. Elites
C. Power
D. Participation
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15. The most famous attack on Machiavelli came in 1739 by Frederick the Great of Prussia after which the term Machiavellianism was coined to be meant
A. Evils of Power Politics
B. Criminal
C. Enemy of Humanity
D. Monster
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