The Length of Pak-Afghan Border is___?

A. 2,330 km
B. 1,430 km
C. 2,252 km
D. 2,430 km

The borderline between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called Durand Line after British diplomat Sir Mortimer Durand who draws this line in 1893 between the two countries.  The other prominent person was Abdur Rahman Khan, the then Afghan Emeer. Both of these set the limit to improve geostrategic and diplomatic relations. It is an international borderline of 2430 km (1510) miles lies between Pakistan and Afghanistan at the west of Pakistan.

Note: In many papers the examiner did not give 2430 km in the answers. If you were caught in such scanerio, then must tick 2,252 km as correct asnwer.

You may visit the original source for this MCQ to clarify and to read more about the Pak-Afghan Border Line (Durand Line) here.

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