Top 5 Government Jobs in Pakistan

What are the Top 5 government jobs in Pakistan? Getting a government job is the desire of many young students in Pakistan. If you are a student right now and pursuing your career in university or college, then after a few years you are inline with those students who are in search of a secure job. In Pakistan, a Government job is considered the most secure one. So, in this article, you’ll learn about the Top 5 government jobs in Pakistan.

Following are the top 5 Government Jobs in Pakistan:

Assistant Director
Office Assistant
Computer Operator
Junior Clerk

Assistant Director

Assistant Director is considered the most reputable government job in Pakistan. An Assistant Director is hired on BPS-17 on its initial posting. The head of most of the government departments is called Director, Commissioner or General Manager. The basic pay scale (BPS) of these officers are 20 and 21. A subordinate to these officers is called Assistant Director, Assistant Commissioner, and Staff officer. They all are hired on BPS-17. These Assistant Directors are called the Gazetted officers who have the powers of attestation. There are multiple exams are held every year to recruit these Assistant Directors in multiple departments of Pakistan.

A well-reputed Central Superior Service (CSS) examination is held every year to recruit the officer in the BPS-17 in 12 federal departments of Pakistan.

Office Assistant

The second most demanding Government job in Pakistan is “Office Assistant”. Office Assistant is often called superintendent in many departments. Office Assistant was hired in BPS-14 but in the year 2018-2019, the scale of this seat is revised to BPS-16. Now Office Assistant is the most demanding job in Pakistan after Assistant Director. The major difference between the Assistant Director and Office Assistant is the nature of the job and official powers.

Although the workflow of both Assistant Director and Office Assistant is the same the official powers are a major difference. Assistant Directors are more powerful and have vast influence as compare to Office Assistant. These Office Assistants are hired through competitive examinations which are conducted by Public Service Commissions all over Pakistan.


The most demanding and most advertised job in Pakistan is the Stenographer. Every department and every officer in Pakistan has one or more Stenographers in his office. The job of the stenographer is to type letters and follow the other related orders of the officer concerned. The Stenographer was hired in BPS-14 but in 2018-2019 this seat was revised to BPS-15 and BPS-16 in different departments.

Computer Operator

Today, a computer operator job is immensely gaining popularity. The induction of the latest technology in government departments increased the popularity of this post. The minimum requirement to be hired as Computer Operator is Graduation (plus a computer diploma if required). In many departments, the minimum eligibility for a computer operator job is BSc Computer Science.

The Computer Operator seat was also revised to BPS-15 in 2018-2019. Before that, the candidate was hired in BPS-12.

Junior Clerk

Another most highly demand job in the government sector of Pakistan is Junior Clerk. The clerical staff is the backbone of any government department. Without clerical staff, no department can work properly. The job nature of clerical staff is to maintain the record. Prepare bills and other related tasks assigned by the authorities.

Junior Clerks were hired on BPS-07 and in the year 2016-2017 this seat was revised to BPS-11. They also get promotions as per the policy of that department.


To conclude what has been said above, I can say that in Pakistan the most demanding job is the government job. This secure and safe. You should never forget to perform your duties while sitting on this job.

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