Top 5 Best Interview Tips

When we talk regarding the Job, first and the most important step is an interview. You must know how to sell yourself in an interview. So, here I am with the Top 5 Best Interview Tips. At the time of an interview, the most important point is firstly you have to sell yourself with respect to personality traits.  Then you have to sell yourself with respect to Job Description of the position you have applied for. These Top 5 Best Interview Tips you can use almost in every organization. Because every organization has a set of basic question which must be asked in the interview.

It is an important task that needs to be done before appearing in an interview. You may have complete Job Analysis of the position you are going to be interviewed for and an overview of the employer and about the nature of business.

General Questions that can be expected in an interview:

Tell us about yourself. You may have to present yourself in a maximum of 30 seconds; Personality, Education and Previous Job Experience.

  • What do you know about our Organization?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • Where do you want to see yourself in the next five years?
  • What salary do you expect?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Why have you applied for this job?
  • How long you have been with your current employer?
  • Why do you want to leave your current organization? (in case you have already been working with any other organization)
  • What salary and benefits you have been drawing from your current organization?
  • Anything you want to ask?

One should prepare these questions very well and respond in a very professional way.

Professional Attire

It is always said the first impression is the last impression. First of all, greet everyone and ask to sit. You must stand and sit actively with a good and gentle posture. You should focus on your image and professionalism. You must keenly select what you going to wear, invest in quality products. Do not chew gum. Hairstyle must be decent. Trim your nails and clean it. Smell nice and fresh. Be confident, humble and respectful. Talk politely and to the point. Girls should wear light make up. Do not speak such words like Hmmm, Ohhh and do not take a long pause. Say sorry if you do not have the answer to any question.

Proper Dressing and Arriving on Time

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.”  It is very important that you should wear a proper dress and look good whenever you are going to appear for an interview. Good personality adds to a good impression. So you must wear proper dress. It is also necessary that

Grip on Specific Skill and Basic Knowledge

You must have a grip on specific skill or knowledge which you have written in your resume. Never tell a lie about the skills or knowledge you do not have. It is better to have few but well learned than many. It must be on your fingertips. You must talk about your past experience as well. It is also necessary that basic knowledge about the history of Pakistan, Islamiat, Pak Studies, General Knowledge and Current Affairs.

Real-Life Examples

You should give real-life examples and related to the situation. It shows smartness. This thing definitely impress them and show that you are a good observer and learn from your environment.

Have Conversation with an Interviewer

Most of us do not talk with the interviewer. It shows a lack of confidence. While the interviewer is looking for a confident and active person. Try to talk to the interviewer with eye contact and show them your confident side.

Bad-mouthing your Last Boss

It is not a good thing to talk bad about your last job and boss. Always try to show a good side of your past experience. Tell them all the positive things about your last job and show what you have learnt there and how you get a maximum of your job.

Try to Sell Yourself

Every interview is a new opportunity. Always try to sell yourself by highlighting your USP’s. USP means a unique selling point; means your strengths and skills. When an organization advertised any vacancy, they want to fill it with the best suitable person. So it is your skills how you prove yourself the best.

Say Thank you in the End

In the end, say thank you to them and greet them. If they ask anything you want to ask, never say nothing, always ask regarding the organization or job nature. It is a good gesture to ask about your job responsibilities if they hire you.


I hope these top 5 best interveiw tips would be helpful for your upcoming interview. I would highly appreciate if you share your experience with me by posting your comments below.

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