100 Most Important GK Questions for All Examinations

In this article, you will find 100 Most Important GK Questions for All Examinations. The General Knowledge (GK) questions are the most important if you are going to appear in a competitive examination. PPSC, FPSC, UPSC, NTS, and all other testing services are preferred questions related to GK. So, it is most important to read GK questions before appearing in the examination.

Here we have collected 100 Most Important GK Questions that are applicable for all competitive examinations.

Note: The answer to the question is given in Bold format.

List of 100 Most Important GK Questions

  1. The Youngest Nobel Prize winner in the world is Malala Yousafzai.
  2. Fuse wire is made of 63% and 37% lead.
  3. In a BTU system, 1 BTU is equal to 1055 Joule.
  4. The scientific study of the origin history and structure of the Earth is known as Geology.
  5. The study of earth and its features is known as Geography.
  6. The study of light and Vision is known as Optics.
  7. The science dealing with design construction and the use of machinery for mechanical structures is known as Mechanics.
  8. The study of aircraft design, construction, and navigation are known as Aeronautics.
  9. The study of sound is known as Acoustics.
  10. The animal that sleeps the least is the Giraffe.
  11. The sleepiest animal in the world, which sleeps about 22 hours out of 24 is the Koala.
  12. David Cameron British Prime Minister from 2010 to 2016 belongs to the Conservative party.
  13. The first country in the world to impose a complete ban on the sale of all forms of tobacco in Singapore.
  14. The world’s largest land animal is the African Bush Elephant.
  15. The name of the first mosque in the Indian subcontinent is Cheraman Juma mosque.
  16. Shahi Qila is located in Lahore city.
  17. The USA film industry Hollywood is located in California.
  18. The prime minister of British during the Indo Pak partition is Clement Attlee.
  19. How many times has Pakistan hosted Asian games? None.
  20. The civilian Commander in Chief of Pakistan armed forces is President of Pakistan.
  21. How many Football World Cups have been played till 2020  21 World Cups.
  22. Hindu Nationalist and assassinated Gandhi.
  23. 1947 India became independent.
  24. The old name of Dhaka is Jahangir Nagar.
  25. The Air Commodore is the highest point in the Pakistan Air Force. 
  26. The famous Hathi Dar is located in the City of Shikarpur of Sindh Province.
  27. Syria produces most of the refugees in the world.
  28. Pakistan has hosted the most number of refugees in the World.
  29. The World’s first nuclear power plant was built by Russia.
  30. The Tallest Tree in the World is RedWoods.
  31. The oldest film industry in the world is Hollywood.
  32. The eggs in the world today are the eggs laid by Ostrich.
  33. Pandas are feed almost entirely on Bamboo.
  34. The old name of Zimbabwe is Southern Rhodesia.
  35. The Half Marathon has an official distance of 21.1 KM.
  36. The Full Marathon has an official distance of 42.2 KM.
  37. Talbul project is disputed between Pakistan and India.
  38. The 2018 Asian games are officially known as the 18th Asian Games and Jakarta Palembang 2018.
  39. 1951 Asian games were held in New Delhi, India.
  40. The 1951 Asian games were officially known as First Asian Games.
  41. The 20th Commonwealth games were held in the year 2014.
  42. The 20th Commonwealth games were held in Glasgow, Scotland.
  43. The motto of the 21st commonwealth games is Share the Dream.
  44. 1st Commonwealth games were held in 1930.
  45. The First eye bank of Pakistan is Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital.
  46. The Winter Capital of Balochistan is Gawadar.
  47. Dapsang is another name of K2.
  48. The Indus River flows into the Arabian Sea at Khata.
  49. The Oldest University of United States is Harvard.
  50. The University of Karachi is established in the year 1951.
  51. Baghliar Dam is being constructed on River Chenab.
  52. World Postal day is observed on 21st October.
  53. Wall Street in the USA is known as the Stock Exchange.
  54. General Election in Pakistan of 2013 was held on 11th May 2013.
  55. The Peacock throne was made for Shah Jahan.
  56. Tipu Sultan died in 1799.
  57. A.B. Devilliers Made the fastest one day fifty in just 16 balls.
  58. Elbert Einstein was born in Germany.
  59. The highest number of wickets in One-Day International cricket is taken by M. Muralitharan.
  60. The Area of the lowest rainfall in Pakistan is Nokhundi.
  61. The chashma Nuclear power plant was build with the help of Canada.
  62. India detonated its first atomic device in 1974.
  63. Chernobyl reactor where the world’s worst nuclear accident that took place in Ukraine.
  64. Radcliffe Award was announced on 17th August 1947.
  65. The membership of Pakistan in the UNO was only opposed by Afghanistan.
  66. Chinese invented the paper.
  67. Mahan Airlines belong to Iran.
  68. UNO’s “Oil for food” program is associated with Iraq.
  69. The Right to vote is also called Franchise.
  70. Democracy Wall is located in China.
  71. Sir Agha Khan led the Simla Deputation.
  72. The ‘Stonehenge’ is situated in England.
  73. The Bolshevik revolution is associated with Russia.
  74. The first climber from Pakistan to have summited Mt. Everest on 17th May 2000 was Nazir Sabir.
  75. A Mobile phone sends and receives messages through Radio Waves.
  76. Vitamin C is also called Ascorbic Acid.
  77. The brightest planet in the Solar System is Venus.
  78. The world’s most famous painting “The Last Supper” was created by Leonardo Da Vinci.
  79. The Potwar Plateau is very famous and rich in Oil and Gas.
  80. Dairy farms are an agro-based industry.
  81. Razia Sultana was the first and last woman ruler of Delhi.
  82. The atomic bomb was invented by Hahn Otto.
  83. China Times is the official newspaper of Taiwan.
  84. The largest district of Pakistan is Chaghi.
  85. The first chief justice of Pakistan was Mian Abdul Rasheed.
  86.  The leading producer of rice is China.
  87. Australia is the largest producer of Diamond in the world.
  88. Brasil is the largest producer of Coffee in the world.
  89. The President of the USA during World War-I was Woodrow Wilson.
  90. Fear of heights is called Altophobia and Acrophobia.
  91. Agoraphobia is the fear of open places.
  92. The European continent has no desert.
  93. The shortest war of six days was fought between Israel and the Arabs.
  94. China exploded its first nuclear bomb on 16 October 1964.
  95. The city of Faisalabad was founded by Sir James Lyall in 1890.
  96. The First South American country to gain independence was Argentina.
  97. In the Sub-Continent, the census was held in 1881.
  98. Turkey is not a member of the European Union.
  99. Canada has the largest coastline in the world.
  100. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom lives at 10 Downing Street, London.

So, these are the most important and most repetitive GK Questions for all the competitive examinations.

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