How to Attempt PPSC One Paper MCQ Test

This is a burning question in the mind of every student on how to attempt the PPSC One Paper MCQ test properly. So, if you are a student and planning to take the PPSC one paper MCQ test then this informative article is made for you. In this article, you will learn the best method to attempt the PPSC One Paper MCQ test. Before moving forward first, you should understand the paper pattern or syllabus of the PPSC one paper MCQ test.

This is important so that you can prepare those topics well as per the guide I will show you in this article.

Syllabus of PPSC One Paper MCQ Test

PPSC One Paper MCQ test comprised of 100 MCQs and 90 minutes duration. You can download the Syllabus by clicking here. Test comprising questions relating to:

  • General Knowledge (GK)
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Current Affairs
  • Islamic Studies
  • Geography
  • Basic Mathematics
  • English
  • Urdu
  • Everyday Science
  • Basic Computer Studies

How to Prepare for PPSC One Paper MCQ Test

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has a very tough paper pattern. Most of the candidates failed the test because they did not know the right pattern of attempting this test. They appear in the test just to try to undergo the test and to have an idea for preparing for the next test. Rather than taking the test as a mature person they ridiculously waste their one chance for that particular post.

So, now in this article, we will analyze all these topics step by step so that you can have a better idea of attempting the PPSC One paper MCQ test and also score well.

General Knowledge

General knowledge is the toughest part of the PPSC One Paper MCQ test. The reason is, every day there is new general knowledge is created somewhere in the world. But one thing to remember here is that PPSC selects the most valuable and the most important General knowledge topics from all of that.

Most of the time those questions have a strong link with Pakistan. So to prepare well for the General Knowledge topics you have to give time to a daily newspaper and look for that general knowledge that has a connection with Pakistan.

More often the questions of General Knowledge came from the national affairs of countries like Afghanistan, India, China, and other famous countries. PPSC wants the candidates to be updated about Pakistan relations with such countries. They ask about the Currencies of the Capitals and more often about international organizations.

You can find all of this information in a single newspaper every day. You don’t need to pay much time just go through the daily newspaper and your general knowledge questions will be prepared well.

Pakistan Studies

Pakistan’s study is the most valuable topic in the PPSC One Paper MCQ test. The most question on this topic came from the Independence movement. The Ali Garh movement, the role of our famous leader in the independence movement, the two-nation theory, partition of Bengal, establishment of Muslim League, and Hindu Muslim Controversy are the most famous points in the Pakistan Study.

Apart from that, the elections, Allama Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam, the Lahore resolution, the early problems of Pakistan, problems faced by the first government, Marshal Law situation, the India and Pakistan Wars, the 5 years development plans, Constitutional history of Pakistan, Parliament, the elections in recent times these are the top topics that may come as a question in your next PPSC test.

Only those candidates can prepare well for these topics that study their intermediate and graduate Pakistan Study Books and also take help from the helping books available in the market. As these are the most famous points in the history of Pakistan so PPSC definitely asks you about these.

Current Affairs

Now let’s talk about current affairs. The Current Affairs question usually came from recent incidents before the test date. For example, If your PPSC test is going to be held on 20 of any month the current affairs question may come between 1 to 20 of that particular month.

In that PPSC can ask about the national affairs of the country, ambassadors visiting Pakistan from other countries, international meetings around the world, the current sporting events, the current political issues of Pakistan, and the national and international contracts for different economic interests.

These are such things that PPSC asks about in the current affairs topic. You should prepare well for this and you can use the newspaper and the talk shows on the television to stay updated about daily current affairs.

Islamic Studies

For Islamic study portions, I will suggest you buy a book based on Islamic MCQs. The reason for buying a book is, the Islamic Study is a really wide subject and a person is unable to cover all the topics in Islamic Study in a short time. So the better idea is to buy a key book of Islamic Study MCQs and go through it.

Please note that PPSC only gives 5 to 10 MCQs in the Islamic Study portion. So it is a good idea to have a key book and go through it for better preparation.


You should be aware that PPSC does not include too many geography questions in the test. Geography questions come only from the Pakistani perspective. The Mountains, plains, lakes, weather, the climate of Pakistan, rocks, etc. PPSC takes around 10 MCQs for this portion only. The main focus is always on Pakistan’s study and General Knowledge.

Basic Mathematics

This is the portion where only basic Mathematics questions were asked. Questions like ratio, Sum, etc. The Mathematics portion questions are like Matric level where the basic concept of mathematics is covered, usually given in the test. So you should revise your Basic concepts of Mathematics to clear this portion of the test.


PPSC asks mostly only synonyms and antonyms in the English portion. Sometimes the prepositions are also asked by PPSC in the test. For preparing for English better you should understand the meaning of the words of the English language that you read in daily life. It mostly happens that we read out an English passage randomly but we never try to understand the real meanings.

The need of the hour is that you should understand those words and then try to search for their synonyms and antonyms in the dictionary or on the internet. This is how you can clear the English portion. PPSC asks about 10 to 15 questions about the English Language.


In this Urdu language portion, PPSC asks about the famous book their authors, the famous quotes in the Urdu language, and their meaning as well. The writers of famous novels and sometimes their date of birth are asked in the Urdu language portion.

We often neglect the Urdu portion as we don’t know our culture completely that’s why many candidates find it hard to clear the Urdu language portion. So, now, it is a good idea to read about the famous authors of the Urdu Language and their work so that you may understand it well.

Everyday Science

In everyday science, PPSC asks questions about the human body, human physiology, human biology, questions about different gasses, and their usage in daily life. Often questions are related to blood, liver, human skeleton, and about the Nobel prize winners in the field of science. All of this can be very well prepared if you read your daily newspaper.

Basic Computer Studies

The computer studies are the most simple portion of this test. Question related to MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, and some times about MS Access are asked. PPSC also asks questions about the internet the latest technology but these questions are very few than MS Office-related questions. I have often seen that the complete compute study portion is related to MS Word and MS Excel questions. The reason is that PPSC wants every candidate to be familiarized with using this software so that they may perform well during their job.


To conclude what I discussed above is that PPSC One Paper MCQ test is not so tough if we give little time from our daily routine. You should read a daily newspaper as the newspaper will cover 70 percent of your test syllabus. For the remaining syllabus, you should cover it with a key book available in the market or on the internet. I hope adopting these measures will give your high scores and you can get your next job very soon.

Now if you have any questions related to this article then you can leave a comment down below. Your feedback is highly appreciable.

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