Understanding IELTS Writing: A Free Course Offered by British Council

Understanding IELTS is very necessary if you are trying to appear in the next IELTS test. As the demand for IELTS is growing day by day, free courses are also so much valuable. Especially, when the free course is offered by the British Council itself. British Council is the leading head for conducting the IELTS world wide.

Frequently, the British Council offered such courses to help out the needy persons who don’t afford the high prices of the academies of IELTS.

This “Understanding IELTS Writing” is a very famous and free course offered by the British Council to understand and to practice the IELTS test Writing Examination. There are three major parts of the IELTS test are Reading, Writing, and Listening. Writing is major part of this IELTS that’s why the British Council offered this spectacular course for better writing practice and techniques.

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What Topics You will learn in this course?

This Understanding IELTS Writing Free Course will cover following major topics in IELTS writing.

  1. The IELTS Academic Writing test format
  2. The Academic Writing task types
  3. Graphs and charts – language for successful answers
  4. Planning, writing and checking an academic essay
  5. Assessment criteria
  6. What to expect on test day

Duration of Course

This is a three-week-long course and in which you have to study 3 hours per week. You can join this course free of cost or you can buy a subscription to study more on different topics of English and IELTS etc.

Main Focus of this Course

This course focuses on the Academic Writing test. You’ll explore the test format and develop strategies for each type of task.

The graphs and charts in Task One, the method of how to approach the task, and the required language needed for a successful answer. You will examine Task Two questions and learn how to plan, write, and check academic essays.

You will also study at the assessment criteria, what the examiner looks for, and how to write successfully for the IELTS examination.

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  1. Amazing course it is. I just sign up for this course.

  2. I viewed the course and it is too good to study. Thanks for this free course.

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