When PM Imran Khan Unveiled a “New Political Map” of Pakistan?

A. 03 August 2020
B. 02 August 2020
C. 04 August 2020
D. 5 August 2020

PM Imran Khan Unveiled a “New Political Map” of Pakistan on 04 August 2020. Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday 04 August 2020 has unveiled a “new political map” of Pakistan which also includes the occupied Kashmir. This new Map is clearly indicated that the Kashmir is a “disputed territory” between India and Pakistan. Prime Minister Imran Khan also said that the finality of the status of the Kashmir will be decided in line with the relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions. Please note that the Indian government allegedly included Kashmir into Indian territory on 05 August 2019 a year before the unveiling of the new political map of Pakistan.

The Indian government has not given the right of self-determination, given to the Kashmiri people by the world community, which has still not been given. The unveiling of the new political map of Pakistan is highly appreciated by all the political parties in Pakistan, Muslims leaving in the whole world, and many other international organizations that believed that Kashmiri people are suffering in the hands of Indian armed forces.

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